Las Vegas Inmate

Las Vegas Inmate Search
Las Vegas Inmate Search

Las Vegas Inmate Search provides information on bail, mail service, money deposits and the names of inmates currently located in the jails of Las Vegas. The city has several facilities but the Las Vegas jail inmate search can locate inmates quickly if they are anywhere in the system. Once the booking process is complete, an inmate can be traced within the system quickly. Any information on bail, the crime they are accused of and court dates will be available through the efficient Inmate search Las Vegas site.


The City of Las Vegas Jail:

The city jail system has two large facilities holding inmates in Clark County, “City of Las Vegas Jail” and the Clark County Detention Center. The Las Vegas inmate search can move through the system making the correct inquiries to start a release from these facilities and any others in the vicinity.

Las Vegas Inmate
Las Vegas Inmate

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Jail Location in Las Vegas:

The largest of the Las Vegas jail facilities is the Clark County Detention Center. It is displayed in a spacious block behind the Golden Nugget. The jail has an onsite location inquiry but the bonding window only opens during the day from 8 to 12 midnight.

The “City of Las Vegas Jail” is at 3300 Stewart Avenue. The jail is visible from the 95 freeway when driving in the direction of East Las Vegas. This facility is open for inquiries anytime, day or night. Finding inmates through the Las Vegas jail inmate search is simple. Follow the instructions; start by typing in the first three letters of the last name. The information will be listed on the site. However, if the person is not yet in the system there will be some delay.

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North Las Vegas Detention Center
North Las Vegas Detention Center

Inmate Policies:

Inmates housed in the larger detention center exit on Civic Center Drive. Information on a release only comes from the inmate.

Inmate Search Options:

Even if it is the first time on the site, anyone can use the Las Vegas jail inmate search and type in the name of the inmate. The prison ID number and the Las Vegas inmate search will pull up the information necessary for a bail, time and court date. Call 702-608-2245 for inmate search Las Vegas and get a person out of jail. Inmate Search Las Vegas is fast and gives complete info.

North Las Vegas Jail Inmate Search
North Las Vegas Jail Inmate Search

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Other Jails in Las Vegas:

Clark County Detention Center
Henderson Detention Center
North Las Vegas Jail

Las Vegas Bail Bondsman:

To bond an inmate out of jail contact eBAIL and start the bonding process online. The procedure begins in about three minutes. This saves time and effort. Any information necessary is immediately accessible, forms, money amounts, bailout time.

Marc Gabriel is the Las Vegas bail bondsman with the office located in a comfortable setting, located at 3100 E. Charleston Suite 108 with staff available 24/7. The online process is about 15 to 30 minutes long and bail is posted almost immediately.

Get a North Las Las Vegas Jail inmate search and get results that speed up the bailout process or at least gives information for peace of mind.

Las Vegas jail inmate search assist concerned family with information about loved ones. Those locked away are unable to help themselves. Inmate search Las Vegas provides the info required to help those arrested make bail, receive financial support or to get in contact with relatives while in jail.

Las Vegas Bail Bonds

Las Vegas Bail Bondsman
Las Vegas Bail Bondsman

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